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Travel Tag – Get to Know Me Better

It’s be awhile since my last post.  Sorry, I’ve been in the process of moving and starting a new job!  Anyways, I realized my about me page is a little lacking.  For awhile I was trying to thing of way to add on it, but alas I haven’t been able to come up with anything good.  Lately, I have been reading some other travel blogs and noticed a lot of Q and A like tags being used for early posts.  I thought they looked fun and decided to give one a shot.  I found one I enjoyed on girlswanderlust.  It was translated by Tamara on this site from a dutch blog.  I couldn’t find the original one, but here is translated English one.  I thinks it’s a pretty good read!

Which countries of the world have you already visited?

Unfortunately, I have never left the United States.  This is changing though in less than two months!  However, I am extremely lucky to have explored many amazing areas of the US.

Which destination is the number one on your bucket list?

I’m currently planning a trip to Colombia and Ecuador so it’s hard to not say those two countries.  (I’m very excited about it!)  I guess I would really love to go to Afghanistan.  I realize there is a lot currently going on there, but hopefully like Colombia it will become a place available to travel soon.  I took a class on South Asia and the pictures my professor shared were stunning.  Also learning more about that culture would be an amazing opportunity.  While there is many places I would love to travel to, some other ones high up on my list are: Mongolia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. 

What is your most ideal holiday?

Oh man, I love going on a road trip with a group of friends.  One of my best trips was going down the Oregon coast with some friends for spring break.  I would love to take a road trip up to the Yukon someday!

Which place did you think was so special that you would love to go back there sometime?

Crate Lake National Park!  I was only able to spend a very short amount of time there, but it was breathtaking!  I got to swing by while I was working in Oregon almost three years ago.  That whole area of Oregon is so beautiful!

Show us your nicest holiday photo!

This one is from my Oregon coast trip I mentioned earlier.  It was taken in the Coos Bay area.  One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life.

Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay, Oregon.

Did you have to travel for work sometime? If yes, where?

Yes and no.  When I was still in high school I worked with a couple different conservation corps.  While doing that, I got work in the outdoors and travel some amazing areas of Idaho, Oregon, and California.  Some of my best experiences in my life.  Lately, I have been taking jobs in different parts of the country as a way of exploring new areas.  The past couple years I have been working in Utah!

With who are you mostly going on holiday?

Lately, I’ve doing mostly solo trips.  There has also been couple weekend trips with friends and family. 

With who would you like to go on a vacation sometime?

Probably my Mom!  She’s never got the chance to travel much since she’s a single mom.  I would love to have the opportunity to travel somewhere really amazing with her.  In a close second is my partner. 

Who or what would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

I’m just going to answer what I would bring with me to a uninhabited island.  Probably a couple good books.  The first that come to mind are the Harry Potters and The Dream Songs by John Berryman.  Also a solar powered blender so I have endless amounts of tropical fruit smoothies. 

Did you already went on vacation in the Netherlands? If yes, where?

Nope! I have never been.

Would you rather go to an amusement park or a zoo?

I’m not a super huge fan of either, but probably an amusement park. 

Would you rather go on a ski- or a sun vacation?


What is your favorite holiday memory?

Growing up my family would have summer vacations around the state of Montana.  One trip during my teens we spent some time out near Glacier National Park and Flathead.  I was going through a lot and I guess it was just a happy time during some the lowest points of my life.  I think I also just fell more in love with the outdoors and travel during that trip. 

What is your least favorite holiday memory? 

I don’t really have any bad ones to be honest.  Or at least none bad enough that I could remember them. 

To which country (countries) are you going on holiday this year?

None for the rest of 2018.  However, I will be starting 2019 off in Colombia and Ecuador.  Which again I am super excited about!  I might also make some side trips into Mexico and Canada later in the year. 

Where would you never go on holiday?

I’d love to go everywhere, but I guess I would be careful about countries going through civil wars or in other forms of civil unrest.  

Again thanks to Girlswanderlust for translating this tag!  I enjoyed doing it and might look to do similar types of post!  I’d love to hear some of your guys answers to this tag as well so if you do it please provide the link in the comments! 

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